Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Lakes Farm Horse Show!!

Here is a link to one of the classes that we entered. This class I rode hunt. There will be another link soon where I showed western.

Well we did it! We attended the Blue Lakes Farm Horse show towards our 2009 Saddlebred promotional award. This is an open show with mostly QH's and a QH Judge, so I did not expect to do well. But we did the Saddlebred proud, because we got Second place in Open English Pleasure-No Stock horses. 1st place in Western Pleasure 18 and over, 3rd place in Ladies Western Pleasure and 1st place in Western Pleasure no QH's. There were 2 classes we did not place in because we made a couple of oops! but it was 27 degrees and Miss Santana was feeling pretty good. She was showing off the Saddlebred in her. But she settled down and ended the day with 4 ribbons. 2 - Firsts, 1 - Second and a third. Not too shabby!!

My friend Beth had a good day for her first show with her 4 year old QH and she can't wait to go back. The January show was canceled due to weather so it felt good to get his show in. Beth's husband came and he took video and pictures so hopefully I can share them soon. Next weekend I will be announcing at the North East Ohio Academy Horse show. BUSY BUSY!!


  1. I love seeing the Saddlebred win in classes like those! I've shown QH and ASB. Both of them in Hunters. I'm usually the outcast and there were many times my ASB would beat those other horses. We did up to 3'0 and he was amazing. I've been web stalking you a bit because you show up when I search "saddlebred jumping" on Youtube!

    I also found a Chagrin show that we both attended! I think you showed the Adult 2' on Jan 6? I was there and showed the same division with my QH!

  2. I have been neglecting this blog spot lately and just saw your post. So please forgive my slowness in my reply. Yes that was us at the Jan 6th jumping show at Chagrin with my friend Katie Hanneman riding. Thank you for you kind words. Katie is in college now so we will not be doing much jumping, but I will continue to ride Hunt, western and Saddleseat in open shows whenever I can. If we are ever at the same show again be sure and stop by to see me.