Monday, February 2, 2009

Girl Scout Troop #1613 earn Horse Rider Badge!

Another successful event with the Girl Scouts has been completed. The girls and I had a wonderful time on a cold Saturday morning. They came out to enjoy the company of my mare Santana, and earned their Horse Rider Badge.

This is not an easy task, there are certain requirements that they have to meet. Turning a horse left and right at a walk and a trot, stopping a horse from the walk and the trot. They also had to learn about grooming, the parts of the horse, and several other things.

We were very fortunate to have Lieutenant Patrick at the barn. He does civil war reenactments and He showed the girls his authentic antique civil war equipment and explained to the girls how the American Saddlebred was used in the civil war.

We had 3 hours of horse fun! Even though it was a cold winter day, we were able to stay warm. The girls had loads of fun. Santana was eating up all the attention and acted like the lady that she is the whole time.

Here is the video that I put together for all to enjoy!

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  1. How awesome. I wish I could have done that when I was in girl scouts!!