Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Working on Promoting the Breed

Well, It is 2009 and my never ending quest to promote the breed will continue with the Girl Scouts. I am working with the same group of girls the Northeast Ohio Girl Scouts; Troop #1613, but this time we will be working on the "Horse Rider" badge! Below is a list of when and what will be worked on. These events will be featuring my mare "My Genius' Private Secretary" Our theme is "Saddlebreds are good for kids!"

Janurary 29, 2009 will be the pre-barn meeting. Items discussed will be... Horse Safty and You - Explaination to the troop, friends or family the safety regulations for riding and equestrian etiquette around horses, barns and horse events. Show how to give proper hand signals when riding on public roads. Answer any questions. Horse Anatomy – Name the principal parts of a horse. What can be done to prevent common ailments or diseases of horses.

January 31, 2009 Get Ready to Ride – Saddle and bridle a horse by yourself. Explain care and use of each part of the tack and explain the importance of correct fitting. Hitch a horse at the correct height when bridled, using a halter, suitable knot and correct length of lead rope or cross ties. In Good Form – Show you can do the following: Mount and dismount correctly. Turn and stop a horse at both a walk and a trot on command. Clips, Combs and More – Examine the tools used to groom a horse. Discover the purpose of each. Learn how to use the brush and currycomb. Learn how to brush a horse before and after saddling. Practice safe stall and barn behavior.

February 22, 2009 See for Yourself – See a horse show. The troop will be attending the NE Ohio Winter Series Academy Horse show, Which I have been doing the announcing at as well. (4 show series) They will see children of thier own age competeing in a horse show environment and being Judged

I will be taking photos and video's of these events and will make a movie of the events as I did last year and will post it once it is complete.

If anyone as any other suggestions that can be added to these activities to give the Girls a fun filled and worth while experiance it will be greatly appreciated. Once all three dates are completed the Horse Rider badge will be awarded!

Hope to hear from you!!!

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